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  Pharmaceutical intermediates ,OLED compound materials
    Iodobenzene series
    Fluorine bromine chlorine iodine amino derivatives
    Triple benzene series
  OLED intermediates
    Anthracene. Triphenylamine
  Liquid crystal intermediates
    Benzoic acid series
    Anisole series
    methyl benzoate
    ethyl benzoate
  hole transport materials
About Us

Compro Shijiazhuang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was established on 2007. We mainly focus on research and production of OLED material. We also manufacture chemicals for LED and pharmaceutical chemicals.

Our factory located on Yuanshi county have 20,000 square meter. There are four workshops. Our main products are raw material of OLED. We are the supplier of Iodobenzene and 1-Bromo-4-iodobenzene in China. Our produce ability is 40MTs one month. We can deliver it to Beijing or Tianjin Port in one day. We can deliver it to Suzhou or Shanghai Port in three days.

We established three middle scale experiment workshops on Shijiazhuang Industry Equipment Manufacturing Base. We produce middle and backward position’s products of OLED. Our Products, such as heterocyclics series and Aromatic amines series, went into overseas market. They are accepted by our overseas customers.

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